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AL20B Fingerprint Door Lock

  • This smart Door Lock is special design for bedroom with 3 ways to unlock - fingerprint / bluetooth / Key (Suggest Operation Temperature:>=23℉).

  • Keep Track of Visitor, see a detailed log of who has entered and exited your home, and exactly when they did, from your smartphone.

  • Set Timezone Unlock Funciton: Provide housecleaners, dogwalkers, and others with access for a few hours, a week, or just specific times of the day.

DL30B Bluetooth Door Lock

  • Our Smartphone is now your key - Keyless entry with your smartphone Convenient: Create and send PIN codes to guests and visitors remotely.

  • Random Password: Ensures that strangers can’t steal your password by looking at worn-out keypad digits or watching you nearby when you enter the password.

  • Visitor Password: Create an ONE-TIME password for your guests, vistors, or house sitters via your smartphone.

AL10B Keypad door lock

  • Unlock your door with: Code + Smartphone + Mifare Card (Not work with other ID cards) + Key.

  • Visitor Temporary Password: Create a ONE-TIME temporary password for your guests, vistors,or babysitters via your smartphone.

  • Anti-peep virtual password: Anti-peep password is random digits + correct digits + random digits, user may enter any random digits in front of or behind the correct password to create unlimited random passwords to secure your place.


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