Biometric Fingerprint Time Attendance Terminal
WL10 Biometric Time Attendance

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USB client & host Communication Method: This ultra-thin design attendance machine supports to download the report by inserting USB-Disks and finish the downloading in less than 8 seconds.

Mobile phone APP Management: The time clock is compatible with TA Assistant App which supports downloading the report by shaking your smartphone. First set up your phone and device in the same WIFI, then connect these two. So easy.

Stable operation of the fingerprint sensor: Bio ID fingerprint Sensor ensures stable operation under a strong light source and infrared auto-turning on function.

Build-in SSR Excel software: No other complicated software needed and an extra long-term license fee. It has built-in software which enables you to set shift /upload users’ information/download report via USB flash drive in excel format.

Important Notes: With simple and customizable features, you can easily set up the Time Clock to meet your business needs. Please be informed that it can’t support overnight shifts or two breaks in a working day.

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