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"ZKTeco the Most Trustworthy Biometric Technology Company

Founded in March 1998, ZKTecois a world-renowned company with over 3000+ employees.

ZKTeco is a leader in Hybrid-Biometric Verification Technology which can incorporate fingerprint, finger vein, palm vein, facial and iris recognition along with traditional RFID and PIN authentication or any combination of these credentials to create devices to meet the needs of the end user. With this technology, you will not be restricted to a specific form of biometrics that might not work satisfactorily for all clients. Our door locks ensure 100% verification by combining multiple factors of authentication.

By incorporating IOT, Big Data, cloud computing, and AI, our platform creates solutions among a wide range of applications including Smart Office, Smart Homes, Smart Financing, and Smart Security.

With numerous patents and intellectual property rights in this field, ZKTeco has created a niche in the market with continuous innovations in various R&D, and design centers in Silicon Valley, Europe, South Korea, Xiamen, Dalian, Shenzhen, and Hangzhou.


Benefits of this technology starting with Smart Home & Office

-With home automation devices flooding the market, we can strive to keep our homes and offices more secured and add a touch of sophistication!

-Amazon Alexa will not only control your TV, Lighting, HVAC, Security but also ZKTeco Smart Door Locks! 

-Go Keyless, when it comes to ZKTeco Biometrics Smart Door Locks, unlock access using fingerprint, passcode, card, and face, or an override key for emergency.

-Our Bluetooth enabled Smart Keyless Lock is user-friendly for all ages to unlock remotely.

- Smart Biometric Locks will offer activity logs so you can go back to see who has entered or exited your home or office and when the activity took place.


Why do we need biometric technology?

Biometrics technology is the measurement and statistical analysis of people's unique physical and behavioral characteristics. The biometric technology is mainly used for identification and access control, or for identifying individuals who are under surveillance. Which includes fingerprint, iris, palm, and face recognition many surveillance and security devices like Fingerprint Based Home Security which we gonna talk about is contained in it. 

It overcomes the problems of previous security systems as well as provides a very high level of recognition accuracy. The skin on our fingers exhibits a flow like a pattern known as friction ridges. The patterns of these ridges on each finger are unique and immutable and this is what makes fingerprint a unique form of identification for each individual. The presence of fingerprint-based security systems can be seen in many situations of our day-to-day lives. These systems have been deployed in various places such as offices, industries, and schools and more recently in home security.


The Products of Biometric Technology

Up to now ZKTeco biometric technology products range from time attendance machine, Smart Lock video surveillance to POS involving the areas of finance, education, retail, property management, residential, public facility, the government so on and so well.

We are here highlighting the ZKTeco Smart Lock Solutions. Smart Door locks are ideal for every home and office for several reasons.

- Going keyless gives us peace of mind of not misplacing our key and the fear of someone laying hands on it for ulterior motives. The apprehension of thugs and robbers is a thing of past with Biometric Door Locks!

- Loss of keys can prove costly when hiring locksmith to replace the whole lock set. Security cannot be compromised at any cost!

- Also, the flexibility of using different credentials for all the age groups and providing access to temporary people at certain days and times.

ZKTeco Smart door locks are very conveniently used by old and physically impaired too.

ZKTeco AL40B Smart Door Lock which is committed to being the most sturdy and durable smart lock WHTH IT’S KOREAN CRAFTMANSHIP AND AMERICAN STANDARDS. Unlock your door with door through 5 methods - Key, ZK smart key, card, password, fingerprint. Click herefor the user guide, it’s super easy to install.

ZKTeco AL20B Smart Door Lock is the World's First 4-in-1 Keyless Entry Smart biometric Lock, Code + Smartphone + Fingerprint + Key. Using ZKBioBL mobile app to unlock your door and view your family members In-out activity. Lock and unlock your door from anywhere and give secure digital keys to guests, all from your phone. Click herefor the user guide.



The rising topic of Smart city cannot develop without a biometric home security system which is also definitely a better solution and has tremendous benefits when compared to the conventional security system like key door locks.

ZKTecois looking forward to your join and being our partner.


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