March 16, 2020 1 min read

Those days don’t exist anymore where administrators used to maintain a manual of their employees’ time and attendance. Few entrepreneurs still use spreadsheets to estimate one of the most ordinary, yet important aspects of supervising staff. These old-fashioned measuring tools cannot avert issues such as time theft or buddy punching that plagued HR.

In the present day, more and more companies are looking for better solutions to calculate the actual working hours of their employees. In this quest, they are starting to find the benefits of using a Biometric Attendance Machine. Nowadays, it is easier to find a reputable Biometric Attendance Machine Manufacturer.

Improved Tracking, Better Biometric Scanners

With the utilization of multispectral sensors, software companies offer time clock scanners that can cut through grease, dirt, moisture, sweat and even when a person is wearing gloves. This is great news for every company in any industry. This cutting-edge technology works like a wonder in real-life. It works accurately and securely.

• Utilization of algorithms stores fingerprints
 • Information will not be accessible by the hackers since actual fingerprints cannot be retrieved
 • Periodic downloads of details from time clock to the system

An employee tries identification via the biometric hardware device. Terminals are fitted at accessible locations in the workplace. This triggers a new comparison scan of available templates to look for an exact match. Once a match is discovered, arrival and departure times for employees get recorded.

Business owners also need to have Time Attendance Machine in their office to keep a tab on employees’ working hours.

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