November 23, 2019 3 min read

What Can A Smart Plug Do for Us


What is aSmart Plug?

Wondering how a plug can be smart? Making a connection of smart appliances with a smart plug? Well, with the changes in time, everything has been revolutionizing into smarter versions, thus creating ease for humans. Smart Plug is such a device that is a power container that can be switched on by a normal electrical outlet, amalgamating your home network into a smarter one. Once functional, a person has the capability to control anything that is plugged into it via various means i.e smartphone, laptop virtual assistant, etc.

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Do not be perplexed with the mere definition of this device, amazing things are yet to be discovered. Yes, the features. In simple words, any person who has the smart plug connected to a device in use is capable of controlling all the circuits connected to it.

  1. Convert dumb into smart:

It makes everything get controlled via the person who has connected to the smart plug. That means from led lights to oven and even your cloth iron can be switched on and off accordingly.

  1. Voice control:

Voice control is a way to easily control via just with your voice using Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant, enabling a person to control all the devices connected to the smart plug.

  1. Wifi connectivity:

Through wifi, the phone will be connected to the smart plug and in this way, any devices connected to the plug can be monitored and turned on and off respectively.

  1. Set timers:

Tired of forgetting the oven turned on when leaving for office? Smart plug has the feature that it can be timed and the appliance will be turned on or off according to your will.

  1. Energy consumption:

The units consumed by each device can be calculated, which can serve out to be great in saving on a large number of bills or even an electricity theft can be tracked down too.

  1. Control outdoor outlets:

Not only the electrical outlets inside the home are controlled but also the ones outside can be controlled using smart plugs.  Smart plugs offer an outdoor option that can enable a person to alter the lights and outdoor decorative lights.

  1. Waterproof:

For people with kids to take care of, this feature can be the best one. Kids often put wet hands on a plug, but nothing to worry about. The smart plug is totally waterproof, with IP44 certified waterproof guaranteed.

  1. Safety ensured:

Due to a fluctuation in the voltage or be it any potential hazard, Smart plug notifies beforehand and that hazard can be avoided.

Smart plug vs traditional plug

Smart plug vs traditional plug:

Whenever it is anything concerning electricity, it is suggested better to be vigilant and sensitive. As seen in image the typical traditional plugs have been used for a long time from now, but everyone knows that power cords, cable, and plugs have always been risky to use. Almost everyone in his life using a traditional plug has encountered if not an electric shock, then at least a meltdown or fuse, which ultimately damages appliances too. Smart plugs ensure safety, from water, smart control of billing and consumption, on the tips of your hands or with normal vocals, and save appliances functioning life. Make lifestyle smarter, be wise and choose smart plug over traditional plugs.                                                                

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