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Smart Home for Modern Life

With the advent of digital technology, we're on the verge of making the impossible possible, giving us the chance to make our lifestyles easier and more comfortable. One such application of technology-based benefit is the automation of smart homes. Like the smartphones that are used worldwide have everything from financial to economic to social and what not. Like the smart door lock, which offers internet connection, unlocks the door and tracks the lock record on your smart home applications. Anything smart is named smart as it offers a fast and all in one solution to the user. The same is the case with smart home. Smart home technology is a linking pathway that connects smart home devices set inside a house; it is like controlling a complete house with many options. By controlling, accessing and altering all the appliances in a home, because of the internet of things (IoT).


Internet of things (IoT):

It is a network of interlinked devices, machines, objects or beings, that are linked to it through identifiers and it transmits data without any need for a human or computer interaction.

With the evolution of various technologies, embedded systems, sensors and machines, wireless controlled system and its networks, enable the internet of things to work. In the market, internet of things is linked to the smart home, and no doubt it uses this principle, because of the connection of smart systems, thermostats, lightings, and decoration fixtures and fitting, environment control systems, fire alarms are associated with devices such as the smartphone, TV or your smart speakers.


Home automation:

The lives of every individual are racing faster each passing day, and to cope up with this many things are left out of the way. A businessman, a white-collar person, and even students have to manage things at the easiest. They want everything on their fingertips. The same is the scenario that home automation proposes to a person. One can access and alter the devices from smart apps, smartphones or any other connected device, whether at home or outside somewhere. It offers many advantages such as increasing mental freshness to financial stress being lessened due to controlled bills. A house with senior citizens can be benefitted from it and even those who need special care. The further extension of this project proposes to create smart cities where people do not rush everywhere or at least be safe when it comes to homely matters, working in a care-free manner.

Smart home categorizes into a large range of devices that are used in houses which includes the following:

  1. Wireless speaker systems: be it a function or a birthday or an anniversary, being stuck with guests, a person can simply turn their sound systems on by the click of any accessible devices connected to the speaker system.
  2. Thermostats: living in a country with harsh climates can be pretty difficult and will have thermostats fitted in houses. Now thermostats can be controlled too.
  3. Home security and anti-theft systems: cameras, electric cables for the prevention of a burglar or gate locks/lockers can be altered and monitored from outside and inside of the home.
  4. Domestic robot: can help an individual with day to day tasks at the kitchen, in the garden or even while lying down on the bed. A touch on the mobile screen and your robot get your order.
  5. Smoke/Co detectors: allergy and environment-friendly atmosphere can be maintained by the analysis of the detectors on the smart home app. This makes the environment much more oxygen friendly, controlling the amount of CO2 in the air. A fire can also be detected and put off by setting up a fire alarm and water alarms that can put out the potential danger of a fire.
  6. Lighting: tired of the traditional buttons on the boards, now a person can just turn off the lights with even a voice. Voice-controlled lighting is a part of smart homes. With various modes such as different colored lights and flickers, your normal day house can turn into an event hall or a party place.
  7. Smart Door locks: monitoring a door with a Smart home application or fingerprint or a voice command. Technology offers to manipulate in such a way that now a person can also check for who entered the house/room at what time or simply prevent someone from entering.
  8. Refrigerators: having problems with increased cooling or something? Made the ice-cream and had to decrease the temperature but everything inside gets disturbed? Now humans can easily vary the temperatures and times of setting a refrigerator.
  9. Laundry machines: Clicking your clothes around and round getting cleaned while a person relaxes having a tea.  Clothes can be dried and folded automatically with new machines and systems.
  10. Electric stoves and coffee makers: making cooking easier is the dream of every individual having a job or living alone simultaneously. So now, one can get ready for office and at the very same time, the coffee maker will get your morning latte prepared.
  11. Bill and appliance’s life: everyone in their hectic lifestyles wants to get a cut off the expense sheet they make at the month-end, and bills contribute a big part to it. Any theft or device’s overuse can be prevented.

By 2015, 18 percent of the residents of the United States had wireless speaker systems in their homes. It is followed by an 11 percent usage of thermostats later. Statistics reiterate that by 2012, people voted for all the above-mentioned systems and appliances to be part of the smart home or home automation system. A prophecy says that by 2021 there would be an average of 13 devices in every house in the United States.

By now, homes are a lot more automated and are controlled by devices in a gateway. The worth of home automation is growing day by day due to an immense increase in the know-how about the benefits of smart home technology. It is estimated that the market value of the smart home was at around 6 billion dollars in 2013 and will reach up to approximately 13 billion dollars by the end of 2019 till 2020.

Smart homes are for smarter living, with less anxiety and a happy spirit.


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