How A “Smart Door Lock” Can Keep My Children Safe?

How A “Smart Door Lock” Can Keep My Children Safe?

Summer Holiday 2019 is about to come. Being a father, I question myself as to how a “Smart Door Lock” can keep my children safe?

Many friends probably don't know what's a smart lock? What's the first thing comes into your minds when I mention it, please comment below.

I want to tell you mine, I unconditionally think it's just controlled by our phone with the smart key app, it's convenient for us to unlock the door especially when we're in tearing hurry, we needn't search for the key in the huge bag.

Actually, apart from using the app to unlock the door, we can also open the door with the biometric technology - fingerprint, iris, palm, and face recognition applying in many surveillance and security devices, so that it performs more safely.

Many smart locks on marketing also support unlocking with the cards, key, password in case of the emergency.

Why should parents adopt the Smart Door Lock?

Especially parents are worried when it comes to the safety and security of their children being alone at home. Some may not trust their home with this Smart Home Technology.

  1. As a member of the smart home system, the smart lock is remote access.

No home is safe with the growing number of intrusions, burglaries, and solicitations, even though the doors and all the entry points are secured. As a member of the smart home system, the smart lock is remote access, you will be able to lock or unlock your doors even when you are not at home. If your kids are left behind at home, you will be able to have peace of mind that all doors are locked even when your kids forget to do so.

  1. Your child won’t be able to unlock the door unless you allow it on the system.

As kids grow up, they become curious and adventurous as they leave the house. With traditional lock systems, your child can easily step out of the door without your knowledge. But with smart locks, your child won’t be able to unlock the door unless you allow it on the system.

  1. It's inevitable to leave your kids alone on the front of the door.

Once after school activities start, no one gets home at the same time, especially if you have more than one child. When you have people coming in and out of your house at all hours of the day, a smart lock is your best friend. The Smart Lock can hold access codes, so everyone in the family can have their own code to the front door. and use the Smart Key app to unlock or lock the door even when you're not at home. Then, if there is ever a time that someone is picking your child up, or gets home before you do, you can let them in with your smartphone.

ZKTeco AL40B Smart Lock, Safeguade Your Home

Choose the right Smart Lock for your children

Smart Locking has revolutionized the traditional lock system with its sophisticated and reliable features.

ZKTeco adapts technology like a biometric fingerprint, smart cards, passcode, and facial recognition to enhance their smart door lock capabilities. Unlike traditional locking system, this smart technology is hard to manipulate.

ZKTeco AL40B Smart Key has the 5 functions together - biometric fingerprint, card, passcode, app, key. Lock and unlock your door from anywhere and give secure digital keys to guests, all from your phone. The security of our homes lays literally in our hands rather our fingertips now with these systems.

The feature that is available with our Smart Door Locks is by far most modern and secured.

A 24/7 activity log tracks who enters and exits your home. With unique keys for each user, you can identify who comes in and out or your abode. World's First 4-in-1 Keyless Entry Smart Lock with Code + Smartphone + Fingerprint + KeyCreate a password for your nannies, dog walkers, or visitors via your smartphone. Lockout Mode will allow only the administrator to open the door, and the Lockout Switch to enable or disable the mode. Bluetooth enabled lock will allow authorized users phone to unlock the door. Combine effortlessly with smart-home platforms, so homeowners can control their smart devices from the app.

I do see how Smart Home Technology is and will play a pivotal role in families with children.

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