November 26, 2019 3 min read

Safety of Homes Leads to Carefree Holidays

Going to a trip to an island or another country? Worried on leaving your home without a caretaker? Well, living in 2019 should not let you ask these kind of questions or does not need this much care, thanks to the smart system we have. Smart homes are meant to be smart as they provide care at the ease of the owner. They are embedded with appliances that ensure security from all sorts of potential threats not only the burglars but fire and even preventing your home from getting dusty. Technology has its own perks. One such innovation is the security system and its elements that ensure safety of your house when you are on a vacation or a business trip and there is no one at home to look up to.

Starting from Thermostats;they are handy in regulating house temperatures, you can save energy uusagepwhen away with smart thermostats having vacation modes. So before leaving the house, either set the thermostat to a suitable value or turn on the vacation mode and minimize your expenses even when you are away from home.

Lights and shades:

The light and shading of a house can make it a target of a burglar and smart home can prove out to be deceptive in this perspective. The controlling of lights can seem like presence of a human activity. Same is the case with shade, which should be left closed the whole time when you are away so preventing the burglar from getting a view of iplnside.

Cameras, doorbells and security systems:

Well with all the other steps, the primary source of security system are cameras and other security essentials. Monitoring in and out while away from home on a smart phone is as easy as fishing now. Motion sensors notifies you with any slight movement in any region of your home, inside and out with digitized or finger-print operated smart door locks. Even doorbells can get notified and you can turn on your camera to check who visited your home in your absence.

Make sure all security systems are properly turned on and functioning when you leave and also clean your camera lenses and make them dust free. Increase the vigilance of all the sensors to maximum.

Environment sensors:

Whether it be a fire sensor or humidity sensor, all help in getting notified before any environmental hazard that arises such as a flood or a fire caught somewhere in the house. In any such case arising, you can ask a friend or neighbor to work it out.

Robot vacuums and other machines/appliances:

Like setting an auto-mode on thermostats, the cleaning appliances also carry options such as automated cleaning by the vacuum robots on a day to day base. Turn these kind of options off to save energy consumption. The iron, coffee maker or all those devices on an auto mode should be turned off before departure.

Despite the fact that smart homes are cool and despite every ease they provide, there should also be a human element present. A loyal person whom you trust should once in a while visit and ensure all the things are working properly. This can save much and also get your heart satisfied easily.

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