May 14, 2019 2 min read

Make Your Life Easier with A Smart Door Lock

Smart technology is making life easier in all facets of life. Homeowners are opting for technology to gain control and further secure their homes, thereby reducing stress. Homes are becoming smarter and the use of smart devices to lock and unlock front doors, turn on indoor and outdoor lights, control garage doors, change electrical settings, operate stereos, etc. is now trending. People are changing from the conventional way of doing things to the easier way which technology is offering.

Homeowners are migrating from the use of traditional locks to secure their home due to its many weaknesses and are opting for smart technology.

Smart door locks are better alternatives and its benefits include:

  • Easy to Use

The mechanisms and setup required to operate ZKTeco smart door lock user-friendly and easy to operate for all. The simplicity of the lock system makes it understandable to operate for first-time users, and in very rare cases, after a one-time example by a previous user. It requires no technical know-how.

  • More Advance Security

Smart doors make use of biometrics which includes facial detection, and finger prints to secure the house. Individuals have unique physical features enabling a smart-door lock to prevent unwanted access to your homes. Unlike the conventional door locks which can be picked by burglars, smart doors are extremely difficult to override.

  • Offers more comfort and a faster access to your homes

Carrying keys around can be burdensome. Smart door locks eliminate the stress of moving around with keys or worrying about the loss of a key. It takes a second or two for the biometric system of ZKTeco smart door lock to detect fingerprints and provide entry access to your home, so the burden of having to drop your groceries to pick keys in your pocket is removed.

  • Cost Saving

The traditional door becomes faulty easily. Inserting a wrong key or pricking the locks could damage the cylinders prompting the need for repair and replacement. Getting ZKTeco smart door lock means you will no longer spend money to maintain door locks. ZKTeco devices are anti-rust, durable, and easy to clean. This device makes your door unattractive to burglars, thereby keeping your valuables safe and secured.

ZKTeco AL40B Smart Lock

It recently launched its flagship device - AL40B Smart Lock adapting the most advanced and newest recognition technology, provide you with 4 functions to safeguard your home and office - Fingerprint, Card, Passcode, key

Watch the User Guidance Here 


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