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Keeping My Kids Safe with Smart Door Lock

Parents are often concerned about leaving their kids home alone. Most working parents give their children an extra key to access their home when they come back from schools. There are occasions when parents arrive home only to discover their kids have lost their access keys and have been locked out for hours. Technology has proffered solution to this type of problem by offering homeowners smart door locks.


What are the smart door Locks?

These are locks that provide keyless entry to your home. Smart door locks adopt modern technologies such as number pads, biometrics and smart cards to lock and unlock your doors, permitting only those with a specific requirement to access your home. These devices eliminate the need for homeowners or their kids to carry keys around.


Benefits of smart door locks to Parents

Most Smart door locks offer remote access to your homes, doors can be locked and unlocked without necessarily being in front of it. Parents are less stressed when they can ascertain from their workplace that their doors are locked. With smart locks, you can monitor your children while allowing them to become independent. Smart locks also keep a log of all those who enter your house, offering you more control of your home than the conventional door locks. Tracking the number of times your babysitter, gardener or other visitors enter or exit your home becomes easier and you are able to monitor who your kids meet and also restrict access where possible. Homeowners no longer have to share their keys with every Dick and Harry, devices like ZKTeco smart door locks have the capacity to generate passcodes which offer single entry to one-time visitors, the codes automatically expire when it is used once, making unauthorized entry to your home impossible.


What other security features does ZKTeco smart door locks offer?

  • Optical Fingerprint Sensor providing you a faster access to your home. It takes only a second for ZKTeco sensor to recognize your fingerprints. The lock has the capacity to store 100 fingerprints. The sensors are anti-wear, durable and easy to clean. Fingerprints can be added and removed using your smart phones, making the ZKTeco locks one of the easiest to operate in the market


  • ZKTeco offers a 24/7 activity log, which keeps records of those who enter or exit your house. Door records are also accessible in detail on your smart phone.


  • Opening your door or setting open-door duration is possible with your smart phones.


  • ZKTeco door technology offers you four alternative ways to open your home. Access to your home can either by through a smart phone, passcode, fingerprints or a key.


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