December 15, 2019 2 min read

 Introducing ZK SmartKey Tracking Your Door Entry on Your Phone

What an annoying thing when you come to the office while can not remember you lock the door or not. Thanks to smart locks, we can easily track our lock records using the application - ZK SmartKey, sharing access with your guests and safeguard your home can be done within several taps. Let’s take a look of ZK SmartKey thoroughly


What can ZK SmartKey do?

Create and send PIN codes to guests and visitors remotely, use the ZK SmartKey app, you can grant access from anywhere in the world and use your app to create a temporary password for friends, contractors, even your dog walker whenever and wherever you are. Grant access for a few hours or a few weeks - you decide!

Aside from those functions, you can easily:

  1. Track records - Keep track of Who & When has unlocked the door, see a detailed log of unlocking.
  2. Manage user - Register Mifare Cards, Fitness Tracker Watch, Password through your Mobile Phone.
  3. Control remotely- unlock the door within 15 meters



ZKSmartKey user interface - simple and friendly


The model of ZKTeco Smart Locks Can Use ZK SmartKey

With smart locks that work with different types of technology and plenty of options for remote access, our goal of creating innovative security solutions just for you is now a reality. Check out the ZKTeco Smart Locks Can Use ZK SmartKey.

AL10B Keypad Door Lock

AL20B Fingerprint Door Lock

AL40B 5 in 1 Deadbolt

DL30B Bluetooth Door Lock

TL400 Fingerprint Bluetooth Door Lock


You may even save money – and time by never having to head to the hardware store to copy a key again. No more headaches trying to keep track of the keys you’ve handed out or worrying when one is lost or stolen, and no more keys weighing you down on your morning run. Adding an electronic lock to your home is definitely a lifestyle change – for the better.


Every home is as unique as the family that lives in it. It also a harbor that makes us feel relaxed, easy to manage the home appliance and safeguard the family.


The technology brings us convenience, for now, and for ever we keep the first line of life - safety.


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