April 29, 2019 3 min read

How to Keep Your Home Safe During Vacation?

Vacationing gives us time and space to forget our worries and reduce the stress in our lives, but most times homeowners are worried about the safety of their homes while they are on holidays. In the U.S, a home is broken into every eighteen seconds, and an average of 4,800 homes are burgled per day. Homeowners are now more cautious than ever in securing their valuables prompting many to travel with huge baggage containing valuables while others simply avoid vacation to safeguard their home.  To have a worry-free vacation, the following measures can be taken to keep your home safe:


Keep your vacations off the public grid

Burglars are opportunist looking for vulnerable homes and information about the schedule of homeowners.  Putting your vacation on social media is a tip-off, and it is necessary to delete every information that may suggest to others that you are away from home, this includes post or tags showing your home address. Your answering machine, voicemail or email autoreply shouldn’t notify the people you are on holiday. If you must flaunt your vacation online, ensure strangers can’t access your home address or phone numbers and make sure only friends and family can view your social media post.


 Install a visual monitoring system

Several home monitoring systems are available to help keep track of activities in and around your home. Some monitoring system allows you to view your home remotely from any location. There are systems that are also built to notify or raise alarm to authorities when there is any security breach, these types are particularly great when traveling outside of the country or to locations with limited internet access.


Fix security lights

    Burglars are likely to gain entry into your homes via dark or hidden areas where they can’t be easily noticed. Lighting up dark and hidden spots in your home by fixing security lights will make your home less attractive to burglars. Smart lights are also accessible in the market, they consume less energy and are programmed to come up only at night and or when they notice movement.


    Ensure all valuables are out of sight

    It is essential to close all blinds and curtains in your home whenever you are going on vacation. Keep all expensive valuables such as jewelries, TVs, laptops, artifacts, etc. away from the view of strangers, ensure passers-by can’t see of what is in your home while you are far away.


    Install a ZKTeco Smart Door Lock

    Smart door locks protect your home by requesting biometrics or codes before entry is allowed. Since all individuals have different physical features, your home becomes inaccessible to strangers. ZKTeco smart door locks use the latest security technology to secure your home, it also gives you the option of creating a desired entry mode. You can unlock your door by using passcodes, fingerprints, your mobile phone or a key. While away on vacation, you can create passcodes for your dog walkers, nannies, and other people and at the same time keep a log of all those who entered your home.


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