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Five Ways to Use a ZKTeco-Electronic Smart Lock

As a company who has been committed to the biometrics research and application for over 20 years, ZKTeco has brought it’s biometric verification technology to smart office, smart financing, smart traffic, and smart security, with a service network covering the entire world.

We are here to introduce 2 ZKTeco-Electronic Smart Locks and how to use them correctly.


The Introduction of 2 Types of ZKTeco-Electronic Smart Locks

Smart locks do much more than lock and unlock your front door without a key, they are designed to supplement or replace your door’s traditional deadbolt locks; making them optional. They do this by offering several keyless/ app-controlled entry and locking features; effectively turning any door into a smart door.


ZKTeco AL20B biometric Bluetooth smart lock

The ZKTeco AL20B biometric Bluetooth smart lock is a smart home security system that turns any door into a hi-tech access point with an all in one keyless entry technology. It features several enhanced security safeguards including a biometric fingerprint sensor for ease of entry. In fact, it is the world's first 4-in-1 (code + smartphone + fingerprint + key) keyless smart lock.


ZKTeco AL10 keyless door lock

The ZKTeco AL10keyless door lock also with an RFID card option to give you more versatility over how you enter your smart home or office. You can unlock your door with Code, Smartphone Mifare Card, Key. Create a ONE-TIME temporary password for your guests, visitors, or babysitters via your smartphone. It’s easy to create an Anti-peep virtual password. What is the Anti-peep virtual password? It consists of the random digits +correct digits+ random digits, user may enter any random digits in front of or behind the correct password to create unlimited random passwords to secure your place.

Share codes anytime anywhere, voice guide with adjustable volume, back up key for an emergency, Bluetooth 4.0 provide less consumption.


Below are five ways to use ZKTeco smart locks

  • 1.Create ONE-OFF passwords for visitors

Both the ZKTeco AL10keyless door lock and AL20B biometric Bluetooth smart lock series allow you to create ONE-OFF passwords, anytime, anywhere using your smartphone. This password, which can be used via the backlit numerical keypad on both models, helps to eliminate the problem of having several spare keys and keeping track of them. You can customize when they expire, making them perfect for visitors, dog-walkers, house sitters, hotels, and short-time rentals.


  • 2.Enable lockout mode for extra security

The ZKTeco AL20B biometric Bluetooth smart lock was one of the very first smart locks to include a physical lockout switch which, when activated, disables all biometric access, allowing only the primary administrator to open the door. This feature was also included in the ZKTeco AL10keyless door lock. The lockout mode is especially useful when a password or user access has been compromised, as the admin can easily lock out all user’s access with the flip of a switch.


  • 3.Know who comes and goes with timestamps

In addition to the ability to create ONE-OFF passwords for visitors, the ZKTeco AL10keyless door lock and ZKTeco AL20B biometric Bluetooth smart lock series also keep you up to date with a 24/7 activity log that tracks who enters and exits your home. When combined with the ability to create unique keys for each user, you’ll always know who opens your door and when. Perfect for keeping up with employee attendance times.


  • 4.Safeguard your emergency backup key

At ZKTeco, we are committed to providing the most proactive safeguards you could ever wish for. This is why we ensure that every unit of the ZKTeco AL10keyless door lock and AL20B biometric Bluetooth smart lock series is equipped with mechanical keys for manual unlocking and to add an extra layer of security. We recommend that you remove the mechanical keys from their package and keep them in a safe place.


  • 5. Get better connectivity and longer battery life with Bluetooth 4.0

Both the ZKTeco AL10keyless door lock and the ZKTeco AL20B biometric Bluetooth smart lock comes with Bluetooth 4.0 for increased battery savings and connectivity. The inclusion of Bluetooth 4.0 also allows you to turn compatible smartphones into proximity-sensitive keys. This unlocks your smart home automatically when you enter a predetermined perimeter with your smartphone.


Don’t have a ZKTeco smart lock installed?

ZKTeco offers a variety of smart lock, time attendance, and access control devices for your smart home and office security system. Our devices don’t only deliver keyless convenience but also provide better awareness, and enhanced security with an array of safeguards for your home and family.


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